Pricing for Inspecode and Docstand

Hello everyone. Today, we would like to explain the pricing structure for our upcoming releases of Inspecode and Docstand. These new releases of both products are planned for the end of May later this year*.

At Rocro, we want to offer you, our user, what we consider to be a fair and simple pricing structure. As such, you will be charged for the number of CPU cores that you sign up for in your contract. You can configure your cores to run in parallel, which will make your jobs run faster.

Initially, we will offer Free and Professional plans for both products. The details of these plans are shown in the pricing pages of Inspecode and Docstand.

As shown in the chart, if you use either product with only one core, there is no charge. Under this Free plan you will be allocated 1500 minutes per month. When we initially go live, we will offer a promotion giving you unlimited running time.

To use either product with more than one core, purchase the Professional plan. Each core will cost $50 per month.

How many cores do you need? It’s your decision, but here are some guidelines: For a ten person team using Inspecode, we recommend using eight cores. This is the number of cores that is currently available to beta users. For a five person team, we recommend four cores.

For Docstand, we recommend two cores for most cases, even for a ten person team.

This pricing structure is deeply connected to the nature of our services. Inspecode and Docstand execute jobs in parallel automatically. You can control performance by adjusting the number of CPU cores. More cores, faster results. Regardless of team size. As explained in the previous blog post, you can even optimize CPU resource allocation manually.

If you are an existing beta user of Inspecode or Docstand, you will automatically be migrated to the Free plan when the new release starts.

The Free and Professional plans can both be used for personal or business purposes.

If you have any questions about our pricing plans, reach out to us at

* Seeing that the user registration rate increased more than three times since Rocro announced the new free and professional plans, we decided to extend the current free offering for a few months. The free offering includes 8 CPU cores. (Updated May 30th, 2018.)